Break Agreement with Death!

Some of you may be facing or fighting a deadly disease. Others of you may be dealing with the debilitating effects of joblessness, poverty, or debt. And many of you have given into discouragement, despair, and are barely holding on to the hopes and dreams of your youth. Those who are young are questioning what […]

The secret to Happiness: You do You, and I’ll do me….

There are a lot of books on the market that claim to know the secret to happiness. Those books have never interested me. I’ve always felt that happiness was subjective. What makes you happy most likely is different from what makes me happy. When I was young my happiness tended to depend more on circumstances: […]

Heal your mind in 2014!

Now that we’ve entered February you are probably well into achieving your New Years Resolutions, or you have dropped them all together! Usually I start ramping up for the New Year by spending the end of the year reflecting on all that I’ve accomplished and the weaknesses that I would like to turn into strengths. […]