The Cure for Cancer

This is probably one of the most significant posts I’ve made since starting this blog. A week ago I came across a website that I believe was ordained by God. That sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? But I believe everything happens for a reason. I’ve been on a search for health and learning about nutrition […]

Welcome to the Health Matrix

I loved the movie “The Matrix”. And who can forget the famous scene when Morpheous asks Neo to choose between the red pill (which would reveal the “real” world taken over by the machines) ¬†or the blue pill (which would allow Neo to go back to living in the computer generated fantasy world known as […]

Health Care Reform

There has been much debate over the New Health Care Reform Bill created by our President. While I’m not fond of the idea of our government dictating what Doctors I can see, and penalizing me with a tax if I don’t buy into their plan, I do feel something must be done! I am one […]

Happy New-You!

New Year’s is always a very exciting time. The parties, the food, the shopping! Every year I daydream about getting dressed up and attending some fancy party and toasting in the New Year with adults! Instead, I’m usually spending a low key evening with my husband and kids playing board games and watching the ball […]