Welcome to the Health Matrix

I loved the movie “The Matrix”. And who can forget the famous scene when Morpheous asks Neo to choose between the red pill (which would reveal the “real” world taken over by the machines)  or the blue pill (which would allow Neo to go back to living in the computer generated fantasy world known as “The Matrix”). I jokingly refer to our current Healthcare system as the matrix. Every time a drug commercial airs on tv stating its effectiveness of controlling some condition such as high blood pressure or diabetic nerve pain but then creates ten more conditions that could lead to death, I think to myself surely we are living in the Matrix! How do we as intelligent human beings not recognize the insanity of taking drugs that do more harm than good? Is it just because this is the world we live in, so we just do what we’re told by doctors and the drug companies? It’s comfortable to live by the status quo. We don’t have to exercise faith, courage, conviction, sacrifice or deep thought. We can sit back in our easy chairs, eat GMO junk food, and over-indulge in the latest television marathon.

Why am I so cranky? Probably because taxes are due soon and I’ll be getting less of  a refund this year if any because my family chose the health care penalty over the sanctioned health care program. The best quote I could find for a family of five was $350 a month with the government’s help. However this came with a $12,000 yearly deductible. Well gee, if I could afford that I definitely wouldn’t need the government’s help now would I? And this program doesn’t offer the holistic health care I’m seeking. Or perhaps it’s because I keep finding taboo foods in my pantry and fridge because the other parent isn’t on board with the idea of cutting out dangerous chemicals off of our grocery list. I just read an article online about the chemical ADA (azodicarbonamide) used to make yoga mats and other types of plastics, is a popular dough conditioner for bread. There are around 500 different bread products  on the shelf sold in our grocery stores that use this chemical. And after pressure from Vani Hari creator of FoodBabe.com Subway has stopped using the chemical in their bread. Checkout our facebook page for the article.

There is a great darkness that covers our world, an evil if you would that wants to kill, steal, and destroy our lives, our health, our well-being. I am a food warrior, a health watchman. If I am not diligent in protecting myself and family from danger (chemicals, toxins, bad food, etc) who will? Do I sound extreme, a little overboard, maybe. But consider this… millions of children thru young adults are being diagnosed with diseases only seen before in the elderly, the FDA continues to allow drugs that cause death to be sold on store shelves, death from medication is on the rise and so is prescription drug abuse, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are causing a health crisis, and the companies creating them are trying to take over the agriculture in this nation pushing out organic farming, and this is all happening while we happily skip through the closest fast-food drive thru or big box grocery chain.

Deep breath. The upside is this. We still live in a free world (for now). There are many others out there fighting like I am, educating themselves about nutrition and what real food looks and tastes like. They share their voice and speak out against health and food tyranny. There are more options today then ever before to buy and eat real organic food.  Urban gardens are springing up everywhere! Growing your own food is the most economical, and in the future may be come a necessity. Social media is making it easier to share important information regarding food related bills, global health initiatives, and food summits.

Since choosing the “red pill” there is no going back to my life of food ignorance bliss. Life was definitely easier back then. But who wants easy. Although I do feel the burden and often times frustration bordering on rage of this new lifestyle, I love the adventure of discovering new simple tastes, old fashioned remedies, organic products, and the freedom that comes from truth.

So are you ready? Have you chosen your pill? Because there’s no going back…..

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