Natural Deodorants that will hold up all summer!

It’s that time again. School is out. There are wet beach towels all over the house, and no one wants to get up before 9 am! Here in Phoenix it will stay in the triple digits for weeks at a time 24/7. I remember my first summer here was quite traumatic because I had no airconditioning in my car! Back then I was attending a lot of fashion events around the valley and by the time I would arrive at my destination my make-up would be melted down the front of my outfits, and my deodorant caked under my arms. Back in those days I wasn’t really into natural personal care so I was wearing regular deodorant.

That was five years ago. I now have airconditioning and I’ve learned the importance of natural organic personal care. Deodorants contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. The five main culprits are: Aluminum, Paraben, Propylene glycol, Triclosan, and Steareths. These bad guys are linked to breast cancer and damage to the central nervous system, heart, and liver. Our skin is our largest organ and it easily absorbs chemicals into the body which leads to diminished health.

It has been a personal mission of mine to find a deodorant that could handle not just warm weather, but Arizona summers! And after many years the search is over. Many people complain that natural deodorants don’t work, sadly my husband has been one of them. However today, I am happy to share three products that I believe work well even here in the triple digit desert.


Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant

Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant $14

The Healthy Deodorant by Lavanilla Laboratories is 100% natural and made without parabens, mineral oil, or aluminum. Some of it’s natural ingredients include tea tree and lemon essential oils, goji berry, japenese honeysuckle, aloe juice, and goldenseal extract, just to name a few. It also has a nice vanilla scent. I like to pop the mini versions of these in my kids back pack or purse. You can find Lavanilla at Sephora.


Weleda Wild Rose Natural Deodorant

Weleda Wild Rose Natural Deodorant $16

Weleda has created a deodorant that smells as pretty as a perfume. In fact that’s what I thought it was the first time I encountered it. Organic Rose leaf extract is a key ingredient that has mild astringent properties that cleanses away impurities and neutralizes odors. The spray is non-aerosal and can be used repeatedly throughout the day. It smells beautiful and feels refreshing on the skin. I started wearing it in the spring, but I love it so much I’ve continued to wear it with all my favorite summer dresses! Available at your local Whole Foods market.

Natural Deodorant by True Balance Wellness

Natural Deodorant by True Balance Wellness $14

My next pick is the powerhouse of them all! It’s simply called Natural Deodorant by True Balance Wellness. The creator of this fine product Linda Curry, teaches Vegan food prep classes in Mesa, AZ. I attend whenever I’m not working (unfortunately I’m never not working!). The ingredients are simple: baking soda, lavender flower, and an essential oil blend. Her formula balances your ph, kills bacteria and neutralizes odors. This stuff is amazing!! I can wear it confidently in 110 degrees plus weather. And it’s perfect for the entire family! You can purchase this product at Linda’s website

Smell pretty my divas!



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