Break Agreement with Death!

Some of you may be facing or fighting a deadly disease. Others of you may be dealing with the debilitating effects of joblessness, poverty, or debt. And many of you have given into discouragement, despair, and are barely holding on to the hopes and dreams of your youth. Those who are young are questioning what kind of future will they have?

We live in an age of darkness: where our leaderless government promises to make our country better only to secretly rob us of freedoms and opportunity, corporations risk our health for their gain and benefit, and even our own families our failing to create healthy, loved, moral citizens because of personal and generational dysfunction.

I am not judging you. I am part of all of this just like you.

When we were born God gave his stamp of approval. And to each individual he gave a gift, a promise, a destiny. And in that same moment the enemy of our soul (I call him Satan, you call him what you like), put a death assignment on us to counter the gift God gave. Your entire life he has worked through people and circumstances to lie, cheat, and steal from you! And he will not rest until he sees you in the grave!

Perhaps you’ve been sick all your life. Maybe you were abused by a parent, relative, or perfect stranger. Some of you no matter what, you can’t keep a job, a healthy relationship, or bad luck just seems to follow you everywhere you go. You’ve been beaten down for so long…your situation has begun to define you. You’ve accepted your fate. The cancer won’t leave. Everyone in your family has diabetes. You will never find a husband. Rich people are evil. You have come into agreement with the assignment of death put on your life!

The devil is a lie!

Death has a voice. Fear has a voice. They say you can’t, you shouldn’t, you always…..You have to decide to stop listening to those voices. And you have to stop repeating what they say. You must make the decision that you are going to live and not die! How do you do that? How do you stop generations of abuse, addiction, poor health, insecurities and fear. You say enough! It’s all in what you believe, what you speak, what you do. It’s a progression. Your faith will dictate what you believe, you will then speak what you believe, and then you will start doing what you say.

Yes, I am over simplifying it. Because we need this to be easy. You are stuck in the wilderness of poverty, sickness, or brokenheartedness, but your promise is right before you! The way to get out of the wilderness is to change your bad thoughts, your bad speech, and your bad habits. It sounds very cliché, but If you continue to do what you’ve always done… you will stay in the wilderness and death will overtake you.

Breaking agreement with Death:   

IF you are sick stop saying you are sick! Make dietary changes, read about nutrition, exercise. Get prayer and positive affirmations from loved ones. If a doctor or anyone else tells you there is nothing that can be done, find someone else who will speak life over you instead of death!

IF you are facing poverty, joblessness, or are in debt. Look for new opportunities, create your own job or business, go back to school. Can’t afford to take a class, go to the library. Don’t be a victim! Stop saying there are no jobs.

IF your heart has been broken by loss, abandonment, lack of love, hope deferred etc. Get out of your isolation, you need people! Pray for people who can help you, who can be trusted, and who won’t hurt you.

DO not agree with death by repeating the bad report.

DO decide you are not a victim.

DO break bad habits: poor eating, drugs and alcohol, lack of exercise, hanging out with negative or trouble causing people, etc.

DO learn to tell the enemy (all those negative thoughts)– to “SHUT UP!”

DO decide today to have life and not death!

I have been having my own struggle with the death assignment over my life. I have believed many lies for way to long, and I’m finally tired of being the victim. No longer will I agree with death. Insecurities and fear will not keep me out of my promise that is just waiting for me to take it!

VictoryI decree that RESTORATION, RENEWAL, and REFRESHMENT are coming to your house, while you conquer death and secure your God given destiny!

Victory is yours!

The Healthy-Diva


2 Comments on Break Agreement with Death!

  1. javita
    September 17, 2014 at 12:32 pm (3 years ago)

    POWER packed NEWs Letter.Strong meat.Keep publishing the Good News

    • ctrepte4
      September 17, 2014 at 12:58 pm (3 years ago)

      Thank you! This one poured out. I hope it helps a lot of people. God is good! Chante


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