The Cure for Cancer

This is probably one of the most significant posts I’ve made since starting this blog. A week ago I came across a website that I believe was ordained by God. That sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? But I believe everything happens for a reason.

I’ve been on a search for health and learning about nutrition ever since my Dad died of a brain tumor 16 years ago. One day he fell into a coma at the age of 52. The surgeon was unable to get all of the tumor because It spread its tentacles into different areas of his brain. Within days of the surgery he was put on dialysis because his kidneys were failing. My dad never woke up from that coma. My father was a brilliant man academically, I thought it was a cruel irony that he died of brain cancer.

My inbox is inundated with emails from doctors, nutritionists, and healthy eating blogs, so I’m not even sure how I came across this website. All I know is that my health and my family’s health will never be the same. I’ve read books and watched documentaries of Doctors who’ve found natural cures for Cancer. I know that Cancer is big business, and I know that natural cures can’t be patented therefore there is no money to be made by “Big Pharma”. ┬áBut I’ve never seen such a comprehensive group of doctors, researchers, and survivors come together in one place to put the truth out there.

There is a cure for cancer. And we and our families no longer have to die painful horrible deaths at the hand of an industry whose founding principles are suppose to be “Do no harm.”

Below I’ve attached the trailer to the docu-miniseries “The Quest for the Cure…Continues.” The Host, Ty Bollinger, has a story like myself about losing his father and many other family members to cancer. This spurred him on to finding answers to help the rest of us never have to face the fear, pain, and death that comes with this dreaded disease. So I hope you’re ready to be inspired, to be filled with hope, and to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to make sure that cancer doesn’t come knocking at your door!

The first two episodes are available for viewing at The series viewing time for the rest of the episodes has ended but will be played again in late November. There is a mailing list you can get on so the producers will contact you and let you know when it’s available for free viewing again. I plan on purchasing the entire DVD set because there is so much valuable information that I must share!┬áBecause of what I’ve learned I’m doing a similar version of one of the anti-cancer diets discussed in the series. I hope you come away with something powerful that will change your life as well!

To a cancer free life!

The Healthy Diva XOXO



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