The Truth About Cancer is here!

Hello my Healthy-Divas it’s been a long time!

I want to share with you where I’ve been but that will have to wait. I have something so exciting to share with you!

I know many of you have somehow been touched by the evil of Cancer, wether ¬†you were diagnosed or a friend or family member. The truth is 1 in 3 females, and 1 in 2 males will have their lives changed forever when diagnosed with cancer this year! In 2014 I came across a docu-series titled “The Truth about Cancer: A Quest for the Cure”. At eleven episodes long it was the most comprehensive expose on the cause, prevention, and healing (you can’t say cure…or the powers that be will come after you!) of cancer that I’d ever seen or heard of. And while I was watching it, countless people were coming up to my Vitamix Booth all over Phoenix who either had cancer, a family member with cancer, or was in remission of cancer, and I was able to pass on the information to them.

It is my pleasure and obligation to pass on this information again with part II of the series, “The Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest”. This time they go all over the world interviewing the world’s most knowledgeable and revered Oncologists, Researchers, Naturopaths in Integrative Medicine, and survivors!

This information could save the life of yourself or a loved one. It will inspire you, give you hope for recovery, and make you angry all at the same time. The fact that the cancer industry is a billion dollar business in the US, and that our government and medical establishment are willing to let us die so they can become rich is a crime against our humanity! Especially while they, and I will call them out…the FDA, the AMA, the ACS, and many of your oncologists and their families, celebrities, royalty, presidents, and the top 1% of the wealthy avoid chemo and radiation all together and opt for many of the natural protocols that you will learn in this series.

It starts tonight at 6pm pacific time. Each episode will be available free for 23 hours. Everyday they will send you the new episode to your email, just click on the link below to register, or you can watch it through their facebook page. I hope this will be life-changing for you and your family!

God Bless you!

The Healthy-Diva


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