Happy New-You!

New Year’s is always a very exciting time. The parties, the food, the shopping! Every year I daydream about getting dressed up and attending some fancy party and toasting in the New Year with adults! Instead, I’m usually spending a low key evening with my husband and kids playing board games and watching the ball drop on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. This year will be no different. Yet, there is something about new beginnings that stirs up hope in my inner most being. The hope of a clean slate or  second chance for a better life, better relationships,  and better health.

My preparation for the new year begins in December, by recalling and  meditating on the past year. Goals I had that may or may not have been met, accomplishments, positive attitude adjustments I’ve made, and life lessons I’ve learned. I also think about the goals that I have for the new year.

At the beginning of the month I’m ready to take on the world! But I notice that as I get closer and closer to New Year’s Eve, I become more pensive and unmotivated. I want to stay in my pajamas and hide under my warm cozy blanket, preferably with something salty and sweet. All the lofty goals and plans I have become very intimidating and daunting. I no longer want to take on that brave new world I’ve created in my mind, especially now that it’s only hours away!

Come January 3rd however, I’m back on track! I’ve ditched the pajamas for yoga pants, and replaced the salty and sweets with a green drink. Somehow a switch just turns on, albeit late…Perhaps it’s all the prayer, goal planning, and youtube video’s in the beginning of the month that finally settles into my subconscious. Whatever the case, I’ve accepted the fact that this is my process. Every year it’s the same, and every year I see exponential growth in my life that I can be proud of. Whatever your process is, it is your choice to accept it, refine it, or replace it. Embrace who you are and your life learning processes’ and enjoy the ride!

So, are you curious about my plans and goals for the New Year? I’d be happy to share some with you! Here’s the short list:

  • Go on a 30 day juice feast this year. (This is serious detox, and not for beginners!)
  • Get to the point of posting every week on this blog. (I have so much to share with you!)
  • Shoot a fashion film this year and have it go to a festival. (Know any investors?)
  • Become mostly Vegan. (This year I’m giving up pizza and ice cream. I may need angelic assistance for this one!)

Now it’s your turn. Have fun and good luck!

Here’s to a Happy New-You!

The Healthy Diva


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