Health Care Reform

There has been much debate over the New Health Care Reform Bill created by our President. While I’m not fond of the idea of our government dictating what Doctors I can see, and penalizing me with a tax if I don’t buy into their plan, I do feel something must be done! I am one of the many Americans out there who doesn’t have heath insurance. In fact, the cost to insure my family monthy is $750, and that’s with my employer contributing. While I believe every person has the right to medical care, I also believe that every person has the responsibility to take care of their own bodies. What do I mean by that? It’s not the government, the school, your employer, or McDonald’s responsibility for making or keeping you healthy. If you don’t eat vegetables or fruit – own it. If you don’t exercise – own it. If you are over-weight, have diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. just own it! You are not a victim.

This is a huge lesson I am reinforcing in my family right now. I’m taking responsibility for every decision I make. And I expect my children to do the same. If they choose not to study and get a bad grade, don’t blame the test or the teacher. Next time make better choices ( I will help with that!), get help if you need it, and work harder. If my thighs are fat, guess what? It’s no longer my mother’s fault or my genetics. It’s my lack of getting off my butt and taking a walk every day! I suffer from boils and migraines when I stray away from clean eating. So the day after my binge of hanging out in processed food land is on me….and all the consequences that come with it!

Health Care Reform will start when every American educates him or herself about nutrition, gets exercise, plenty of rest, and deals with the stress in their life. In essence they must create for themselves a healthy lifestyle, and this will take reprogramming of the mind. I have met people who say they will never change how they eat, they’re going to die anyway it might as well be eating what they want! Really? So for their blatant irresponsibility, the rest of us must suffer. Their spouse suffers, their kids suffer, and they will eventually suffer death from a painful disease.  The only ones benefitting are the big process food companies making a profit off of America’s bad habits, and the pharmaceutical companies who are providing the many drugs that will escort most to their eventual passing. Forgive me if I sound crass or rude. But the truth of the matter is someone must sound the alarm!!

If I had a say in what the new health care would look like in America, this would be my wish list:

  • My choice of Healthcare practioner including Naturopathic and Chiropractic Doctors.
  • Bi-yearly nutrition consultation – We must be taught what healthy looks like!
  • Healthy eating plans designed for the individual
  • A paid gym membership  - If people could afford it, maybe they would go….?
  • Student sports/dance paid – Our kids are not getting enough exercise either!
  • Prescription or Supplement plan that allows you to get traditional prescriptions or whole food supplements
  • Monthly Massage – Good for boosting immunity, stress relief, easing stiffness and pain

Ok, so maybe the government shouldn’t pay for my daughter’s ballet class. But they should keep PE in schools for kids everyday. Don’t even get me started with the food they feed kids in the school lunch program! So here it is America, my rant about Health Care Reform: Reform your plates and care about your own personal health. I’m starting with myself. I hope you will join me.

The Heathy Diva




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  1. Linda Curry
    March 20, 2013 at 4:58 pm (5 years ago)

    I love your thoughts on this subject Chante. Send your comments to Once in a while I put suggestions there. Not sure anything gets done about it, but it’s easy to do. Just copy your blog entry into their online form. Monthly massage – YES!


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