The Truth About Cancer is here!

Hello my Healthy-Divas it’s been a long time! I want to share with you where I’ve been but that will have to wait. I have something so exciting to share with you! I know many of you have somehow been touched by the evil of Cancer, wether  you were diagnosed or a friend or family […]

Are your finances healthy?

I have always believed that your finances either directly or indirectly effect your state of mind and body, thus your health. An uncertain financial future, debt, lack, and poor money management are stressors that lead to many ailments, including broken marriages! I am one of the many people in this country who did not grow […]

The Cure for Cancer

This is probably one of the most significant posts I’ve made since starting this blog. A week ago I came across a website that I believe was ordained by God. That sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? But I believe everything happens for a reason. I’ve been on a search for health and learning about nutrition […]

Nutritional benefits of Avocado Seeds

If you’ve stopped by my Vitamix booth of late, you’ve heard me talk about ways to take your green smoothie to the next nutritional level by adding avocado seeds. Of course when I make the suggestion of throwing the pit into the smoothie, the looks on the faces of the crowd turn from amazement (’cause it’s […]

Break Agreement with Death!

Some of you may be facing or fighting a deadly disease. Others of you may be dealing with the debilitating effects of joblessness, poverty, or debt. And many of you have given into discouragement, despair, and are barely holding on to the hopes and dreams of your youth. Those who are young are questioning what […]

The secret to Happiness: You do You, and I’ll do me….

There are a lot of books on the market that claim to know the secret to happiness. Those books have never interested me. I’ve always felt that happiness was subjective. What makes you happy most likely is different from what makes me happy. When I was young my happiness tended to depend more on circumstances: […]

Natural Deodorants that will hold up all summer!

It’s that time again. School is out. There are wet beach towels all over the house, and no one wants to get up before 9 am! Here in Phoenix it will stay in the triple digits for weeks at a time 24/7. I remember my first summer here was quite traumatic because I had no […]

My Fav Stress Busters

Millions of people are daily dealing with this MONSTER called STRESS! And as calm, cool, and collected as I try to stay on a regular basis (I really try hard not to let things affect me), I  recently have had a drag out battle with this enemy of our health! My family of five moved […]

Welcome to the Health Matrix

I loved the movie “The Matrix”. And who can forget the famous scene when Morpheous asks Neo to choose between the red pill (which would reveal the “real” world taken over by the machines)  or the blue pill (which would allow Neo to go back to living in the computer generated fantasy world known as […]

Heal your mind in 2014!

Now that we’ve entered February you are probably well into achieving your New Years Resolutions, or you have dropped them all together! Usually I start ramping up for the New Year by spending the end of the year reflecting on all that I’ve accomplished and the weaknesses that I would like to turn into strengths. […]

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