Healthy-Divas TV: It’s a wrap!

I just got back from Los Angeles (ok, technically it’s been a week!) shooting the first six episodes of our new Healthy-Divas web series. Can I just say that it was the best 48 hours I’ve spent in a long time! My beauty guru diva Cherelynn Baker and I flew into Burbank airport last Monday […]

Juicing for Healing and Beauty

It’s that time of year again at my house. My Vitamix gets a much needed rest, and I pull my juicer out of the back of the pantry and dust it off. Twice a year I do a juice fast for 10 days, giving my body a much needed break for detoxing and healing. This […]

Super Greens Part 3: Wheatgrass

It really does taste like a cocktail made from your lawn! But the power of wheatgrass and what it cures in the body is magical…! It’s been so long since my last post! I work for Vitamix as a Demonstrator now, so I’ve spent most of the summer preaching the good news about fruits and vegetables […]

Super Greens Part 2: Kale

Kale – A Star is Born! Usaually in public when I start speaking “Kale” the crowd starts thinning out, noses turn up, and brows furrow. Kale has a bad reputation of being bitter, tough, and unappetizing, fit only for the sidelines of the salad bar as decoration, not center stage. Well I’m here to put […]

Super Greens Part 1: Spinach

  You Got to eat your Spinach Baby!! I make a lot of green smoothies for myself and my family. They are so delicious and good for you. Recently, I had a homework assignment to research the benefits of green leafy vegetables for my juicing club. I was astounded by the nutritional benefits! So much […]

Love & Chocolate XOXO

Love & Chocolate February. It’s that month with the funny spelling and the short days. The time when that “special someone” in your life scrambles to buy you pretty flowers and fancy chocolates to make up for the rest of the year when they weren’t showing their love and appreciation. All sarcasm aside, you don’t […]

Health Care Reform

There has been much debate over the New Health Care Reform Bill created by our President. While I’m not fond of the idea of our government dictating what Doctors I can see, and penalizing me with a tax if I don’t buy into their plan, I do feel something must be done! I am one […]

Happy New-You!

New Year’s is always a very exciting time. The parties, the food, the shopping! Every year I daydream about getting dressed up and attending some fancy party and toasting in the New Year with adults! Instead, I’m usually spending a low key evening with my husband and kids playing board games and watching the ball […]

Let’s Get Started!

Deciding you want to get healthy is easy. Getting started, that’s the hard part! With the onslaught of information we are bombarded with daily about health, diets, obesity, etc. It’s just plain confusing as to whom should we really be listening to. One day coffee is good for us, the next day it’s bad. What […]

Healthy is the new Beautiful!

Hello Divas! This is the beginning of a beautiful new friendship between you and your new healthy body! As women we spend more time focused on the scale, how we look in our clothes, and the latest make-up trend. Seldom do we pay attention to the acidity of our bodies, how much fiber we’re getting […]

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